20 January 2013

Full Tattoo

as a 30something-maniodepressive-capricious person, I am trying to maintain some peace of mind while tracing ordinary-sweet-everyday ornaments placed on bookshelves, next to shoeboxes, in front of bathroom tiles, between piles of assignments and lap tops, of which naturalness-normality hits my lonesome-bitter face like a cold north wind from which I am trying to protect myself under unfamiliar duvets… or maybe like a summer breeze which I anticipate to cool my cheeks and for that reason I should stay uncovered from irrelevant cloths and bodies…
or maybe some music therapy will do its magic again and clear up my mind like ten days ago where I attended a Full Tattoo live session. Full Tattoo is a band of five musicians who blew our minds with covers of popular english and greek songs. they took us in a journey mainly rock but with interesting stops in other music genres too. Gary Frad vocals, Alexis Kazakopoulos acoustic-electric guitar - vocals, Alex Chrysostomides electric guitar - vocals, Nikos Adamopoulos drums, Lefteris Papadakis bass. and please excuse me for stating preference but it would be hubris, that would lead to divine retribution and punishment, not to mention that Alex Chrysostomides was for me, that I hadn’t have the chance to listen to him before, a total revelation! a complete musician with amazing guitar playing skills and original expressiveness and enthusiasm on stage. him performing black from pearl jam, was absolutely breathtaking.
well and returning to what said before, black is the perfect closure for my day… or maybe not. I know! some hot chocolate will fix everything!... shit! I forgot to buy milk… black.


08 January 2013

it's all about that click

- my lady, you choose where you want us to go!
- hmmm, let me think… how about to the moon and back?
- sure! perfect idea! I will come to pick you up and of course there is no question that I will take you back home.
- yes but your place is 200 light years away.
- oh do not worry about that. there is no trouble for me!

- my lady please, allow me to hold the car door open for you!
-  thanks. please don’t forget that you should always do that if you want us to keep dating.
- sure! my pleasure!

- my lady please, you enter first! please, after you!
- oh alright, thanks. and again please do not forget that you should always do that if you want us to keep going out together.
- but of course! no doubt about that.

- my lady you order first! please, bring the lady whatever she wants to!
- weeell, I’d like the sky with some extra stars and the milky way galaxy with cocoa powder on top.
- perfect choice! and of course it is on me! there is no way to let you pay the bill… ever!

- my lady your eyes are enhancing, your voice is so relaxing and your skin is so smooth!
- well, yes but… I haven’t slept well and I have dark circles under my eyes, plus it’s that sore throat that bothers me days now… “cough”… oh and you understand I didn’t have time to wax my feet.
- oh but what are you talking about?! you are so beautiful!

- ehm mister… I have to tell you something…
- yes yes tell me… would you like us to hold hands, give a kiss and be together?!
- ehm… nooo…
- oh… well… no worries, take your time, I can wait!
- ehm… you know I’ve made my mind. there is no need to wait… you know… ehmmm… sorryyy...
- oh ok… you do not like me?
- noοο! it’s not that. you have all I ever asked for a man to have. you are handsome, polite, you look seriously interested in me plus you do not gamble, flirt with other women, drink or smoke!
- but then… why?
- weeell, you know how these things are. you are a nice guy but… ehm you know… and there is nothing wrong with you, it's me, but... you know… and it’s definitely my loose… you know… and I’m really sorry I don’t have the time to explain in more details but I have to attend in a casino party with gorgeous female competitors, too much booze and lots of cigarette smoke.

p.s. happy name’s day J. of course I didn’t forget you… how could I ;)

31 December 2012

30 12 2012

A. is a man I love sincerely even though I do not know him much. his birthday is always a good excuse for celebration in the night between the 30th and 31st of December. but this year… this year was beyond fantasy! there was talking, smiling, singing, dancing and people people people! interesting, with news from far away lands, in their words. beautiful, with sincere happiness or melancholy or solicitude or all these mixed, in their eyes. talented, with musical minds, skillful fingers and amazing voices. I could talk for hours and hours describing last night’s magic and yet, probably, I could not communicate the exact experience. so I will confine myself to share the three things that came in my mind while I was floating on the air along with notes and thoughts.
1. I wish I had certain beloved friends next to me, to see, hear and feel what I am feeling.
2. I hope all those people around me to be safe from harm what so ever. God bless them!
3. I want to keep this moment in my mind for ever… and ever… and ever…        
tonight there is no need for New Year’s Eve celebrations. last night was my New Year’s Eve!

09 December 2012

no entry

one of our popular proverbs is the one that doesn't want to knead sieves for 10 days. in my case I have loads of work to do but I am bored out of my mind. so what better to do than waste my precious time in equivocal activities like cyberstalking. each time I do that I realize more and more how vain and/or naive and/or vulnerable can people be… and what a looser I am = get a life.
for example a 2 min. chatting with a person that did not even shared his/her name can end up knowing ones family name, origin, place of summerhouse, work place, previous occupation, family relatives and their occupations, close friends and their summerhouses, exes and the changes in their hairstyles through the past 5 years + of course their own close friends-relatives-houses-occupations, travel destinations, past accidents, social groups, a mobile phone number, hobbies, favourite music, favourite football team plus how cute he/she (oh who am I fooling), he looks when he smiles. and that is only an example. sometimes you think that you know more for this person’s life than if he/she shared himself/herself. of course you don’t as the cyberspace reality is actually an illusion, totally misleading sometimes.
also, most annoying is when you are a guardian of privacy yourself but your adorable friends decide to tag you in their lovely party pics, where you enjoy unsuspected your drink wearing the most indescribable (yet funny) party hat. and so much with your strictly private profile. I know I know, many people say “I have nothing to hide, so piss off and mind your own business!”and they are right. but still. it’s like you give the master key to open a gate which is supposed to have a ‘no entry - authorized personnel only’ sign on the front! what if I am an obsessed psycho that has one of those stalker shrines with photos of you, creep around corners and show up in every place you visit, leave gifts in your mail box and emails - facebook messages in your account? and that is the most innocent stalking scenario as I realized after doing a little research in stalking history (wowww some really ugly things going on there). and do not forget Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother is here and we feed him every day with more details of our lifes.
well, I am not a stalker… not psycho anyway… ehmmm. enough with that… for now… ehmmm. ok ok! I have to get back to the important things I have to do. like rearranging the socks in my drawer… eeehmmm… oh well… pfff just one more look at last summer’s pics.

30 November 2012

black drummer

it has been so long since my last post. it has been so long since I entered my blog at all. it has been so long since I made a go of something I really like. sooo long… I feel that the musts of my everyday life overcome the wants and I do not like it at all. especially when I realize that the best I do to fight this back is to turn myself into a lazy disgusting primitive dressed in pjs, with blank pc stare and remains of nacho dip and self-pity around my lips. and please don’t get me wrong, primitive is ok but lazy and disgusting are not. so in a flare of kickback I decided to post - at last - some pics of D. from a live back in summer.
D. aka Dimitris Koutsiouris is a bassist that has performed with various bands for more than 10 years now. his previous lovely child was The Strays. today is one of the founding members of Black Drummer, a four-piece band fronted by his long-time associate Toby Marriott. the band collaborates with successful producers Vance Powell and Dave Cobb on their as-yet untitled debut album. they spent the early half of 2012 deeply buried in a Nashville studio writing, rehearsing and recording and the summer touring across the UK. the universe colluded with me and I had the chance to meet D. a few years ago and for that I consider myself very lucky. he is one of those REAL artists that had been through hard times, experienced heaven and hell, lived glorious moments and travelled around the world to be with his eternal lover… music.



31 August 2012

awfully sweet

and all of the sudden, I opened my eyes and I was next to a sweet smiling creature with sweet swinging voice. what a soothing twist! just when I was starting to see everything black and doomed. but wait… another sweet smiling creature approached me too. woow! how nice. a true bliss. something to give you strength to go on. ehm… what?! another sweet creature nearby?! it couldn’t be true! was I in heaven after all?!... wait… and another one appeared! and another. surrounding me with their politeness, their politically correct comments and their clouded eyes. and their swinging voices of course. and as the time went by more sweet creatures appeared and they were smiling to me and talking to me with their sweet swinging voices… always. and then other thoughts passed my mind. what if this sweet creatures’ world wasn’t heaven after all? what if I was in the middle of a plague where sweetness came at first with one of them and then started to spread to every living soul around, covering any authentic behavior, any true feeling and transforming them to sweet smiling creatures with sweet singing voices? yes, that could be possible. especially when I realized that these sweet creatures were unable to enjoy the beautiful evening and had no anticipation for the full moon summer night or for the life beyond their sweet world. and another thought. if I was in the middle of a plague, then couldn’t I become infected? I am sweet too and I have swinging voice... my god!!! I didn’t have swinging voice! I have now… and I am standing in front of my pc. while the full moon is shining outside this hot summer night. the last night of the summer…

12 July 2012

Milos 1 places

Adamantas, Palioxori, Aghia Kyriaki, Pollonia, Sarakiniko, Plaka, Trypiti, beaches, villages, a venetian castle and chapels up on hills with stunning view of the sea, air in motion, glaring white volcanic rocks, aquamarine water. and the horizon, always vast and mystical… the horizon.

10 June 2012

sun & moon

lack of excitement could be due to cloudy state of mind because the sun and the moon shine somewhere else.

p.s.1 many thanks to J. who was a pleasant revelation and a conforming model.    
p.s.2 and hey! postscripts are not terminative, on the contrary… :)    

01 June 2012

summer breeze

each moment on this planet is an epiphany! humans are so mysterious, intriguing and enchanting. I love them so much it hurts… or I want to hurt them so much out of love… or not… or maybe both… oooh I don’t know. A. said that I talk nonsense and at the time I was unable to argue with absolute perfection plus she is probably right. I think it’s because of that storm inside my head which is striking again. at least summer is here and I can hope for a sea breeze after the typhoon. that is something.